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Latest news

Kampenhout is online

The of Kampenhout is now available online. Volunteers measured the air quality on two tracks in Kampenhout with a combined length of 22 km. The air quality map gives a better understanding of the differences in exposure to traffic pollution for cyclists at different locations in Kampenhout. A website in Dutch is available here for the local community.

by Leuven2030 now available online

The results of the measurement campaign by Leuven2030 are available online. During the period 11/5/2016 – 19/06/2016 two simultaneous measurement campaigns have been performed in Leuven, one during working days and a second one during weekends and holidays. A large difference in air quality (BC) can be observed between working day rush hours and weekends. Weekend measurements are performed to represent a situation with less traffic. Therefore weekend measurements were performed on Saturday morning and Sunday; in this way, avoiding hours (Saturday afternoon) when more traffic is expected due to shopping. The of Leuven is also available in Dutch for the local community.

Mapping air quality in Sint-Niklaas before creation new traffic circulation plan

Sint-Niklaas has started an monitoring campaign to measure their local air quality. City staff are collecting data by bicycle in September and October 2016. The resulting air quality map will allow Sint-Niklaas to get a better view on the current street-to-street differences in air quality. The information will be used as reference point and to optimize their new traffic circulation plan.

Volunteers measure air quality in Kampenhout

Since the end of September 2016, volunteers are mapping the air quality in Kampenhout. Measurements are performed with on different routes in Kampenhout. The measurements are used to map the exposure of cyclists to Black Carbon. The measurement routes include rural roads, busy regional roads, forest trails and roads near school environments.

Stefan Vandevenne, councilor for environment in Kampenhout: “The air quality is mapped to improve the livability and attractiveness of our municipality. The results will give us insight in local air quality and help us with to develop a global air quality plan for our municipality. In 2015, Kampenhout has been nominated as cycling-municipality. We work hard to to keep the status of cycling-municipality. The results of this study can help with this. For the further expansion of our regional tourism, we can propose the most healthy biking routes”

When the monitoring campaign is completed, the results will be available here. (Expected by the end of Oktober.)

Leuven Climate Neutral 2030 investigates impact of new traffic circulation plan on air quality with

Leuven Climate Neutral 2030 has started an measurement campaign in Leuven, before the introduction of the new traffic circulation plan. This measurement campaign will allow to identify the locations with the highest exposure to traffic pollution (Black Carbon or BC). Two measurement campaigns are performed simultaneously in Leuven: one during rush hours on week days (when high impact of traffic is expected) and one during weekends (when traffic is lower). This allows to quantify the impact of different traffic characteristics on spatial BC patterns in the streets of Leuven.

The resulting air quality maps are a good reference point for possible future measurement campaigns. This allows to study the impact of changes to the traffic circulation plan on the air quality in the different streets of Leuven. Regional TV station ROB TV has dedicated a news item (in Dutch) to the start of this measurement campaign.

New available from Kortrijk

A new is available from Kortrijk. 15 engaged volunteers measured the BC concentrations along the 13 km measurement track 35 times from January 18 till February 16. The measurement track contains both busy and less busy roads, wide streets with a separate cycling lane and very narrow streets. Also real bike paths are included in the measurement track. You find the air quality map here. A version in Dutch is also available for the local community.

Air quality in Amsterdam

The Dutch Longfonds, the European Lung Foundation, the European Respiratory Society and VITO worked together to create an air quality exposure map of Amsterdam as an initiative for the ERS/ELF Healthy Lungs for Life campaign, looking at the importance of exercising in clean air. The exposure of bikers and pedestrians to Black Carbon has been determined for a number of popular streets in Amsterdam. You can visit the of Amsterdam here.

added of Zutendaal

The of Zutendaal (Belgium) has been added to the website. Zutendaal is a green, rather small municipality in Belgium with 7000 inhabitants. A single volunteer measured 31 times the air quality in the center of Zutendaal and its surrounding area by bike. The airQmap of Zutendaal is also available in Dutch for the local community.

Beringen online

The air quality map of the city of Beringen (Belgium) is added to the website. Volunteers measured the air quality on a traject of 30 km in Beringen and surrounding area. The Beringen is also available in Dutch for the local community.

New campaign started in Amsterdam

A new campaign has started in Amsterdam. The Dutch Longfonds, the European Lung Foundation, the European Respiratory Society and VITO are working together on an initiative for the ERS/ELF Healthy Lungs for Life campaign, looking at the importance of exercising in clean air. The results will be presented during the Healthy Lungs for Life public event during the ERS international congress in Amsterdam (September 26-30 2015).

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