The airQmap below shows the average exposure of bikers to air pollution (Black Carbon) during the day for the period March 17 2015 till April 2 2015. The average BC concentration is given in µg/m3 for each 20 meter road segment. Only road segments for which sufficient measurements have been collected are shown. The most healthy bike routes are depicted in green. Information about the used color scale is available on the INFO page.

This map has been constructed based on repeated mobile BC measurements by a single volunteer on bike. The map bellow shows the aggregated result of 31 measurement trips over the same 11 km route. 9 of the trips have been done in the morning (around 8h), 8 at noon (around 12h), and 14 during early evening (around 17h45). 22 measurement trips have been done on a week day, 5 on Saturday and 4 on Sunday. The measurement route contains 4 loops starting from the roundabout in the center of Zutendaal, one in each wind direction. The loops have always been executed clockwise, in the same order: North loop, East loop, South loop and West loop. Around 1 hour is required to do the measurement trip once with a speed of 10 km/h.